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Underestimating Basics of Marketing

Category: General Published on Jan 16

Do not under estimate the basics of marketing

When business owners get started they often start their business with the basics of marketing. They spend time networking, they hand out some basic reading materials and they have a small but sufficient website. What happens over time is they get more work coming in, more income and of course more expenses as well. What often happens is that they then forget about the basics, rather than building on those. 

We often hear things like “print is dead”, or “print is dying and online is taking over”. Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to small business. Flyers, business cards and handouts are still the key materials for entrepreneurs as they are growing their business. A message on a social network will never have the same impact as the first face to face meeting at a networking event. Over time many business owners forget about these basics and start relying too much on technology or “new” trends because they have a little more resources. This is also often the reason these same entrepreneurs or small business owners see a drastic drop in their new client growth.

It is a normal process, it will happen over time as a business grows. What you have to remember as a small business owner is that the basics will often take you a long way towards sustained growth. The basics that you built your business on are also the basics that will keep it growing. Using other marketing tools or additional marketing tools is something you should always explore, but you should always weigh the impact it will have on your current marketing and how it will affect new client retention. A change in marketing is not always what you need or should do; adding to what you have already done successfully is how you successfully keep expanding.  The only reason to completely change strategy or your approach is if what you have been doing is no longer having the impact it had before. If you are doing all the basics and they are still providing you with an ROI, then make sure you keep doing them.