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The internet shows up on local computers ... imagine that!

Category: Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click Published on Jan 29

42% of all consumers look for your business online before they do business with you. Does your website make the cut? Most small business owners have no idea of how much business they are loosing every day because their website is not up to par. It is really a shame that this happens as much as it does on a daily basis.

As a small business owner you need to be aware of what people are doing online, the reason is that the global internet is actually turning into the local internet. If you do not fully understand how important it is you need to work with someone that does, because you could be losing out on as much as 42% of people looking for the service or product you offer.

Wrapping your head around the numbers can be the hardest thing you do as a small business owner, but it is imperative that you understand them. If you do not understand them you do understand the value of having a good website that performs, and you will lose out on a very large part of business that you should be getting. Think about it, how much of a difference would a 10% increase mean to your business?  How about 20 or 30%? Those are the types of numbers that businesses are seeing as a result of wrapping their heads around the numbers and getting their websites to what they need to be in order to get all that local business.  

Currently only a small percentage of businesses are taking advantage of all the local searches being done by potential clients. The keys to being able to do this effectively is making sure that you website looks great, because your competition is only a click away. Your websites navigation has to be setup right so that users can easily find what they are looking for and then do what you want them to do. The last thing in regards to your actual website is to make sure that you content is in order, with these three things in place you can now focus on the next step. That is to make sure your website is listed for local searches, you can do this both with the free registrations the search engine offer and by doing just a little bit of SEO to make sure your website shows up.  

With these simple things you can easily increase your business and snag some business from your competitors. Just make sure you are ready to handle the increased business when you finally start doing things right online.