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The Death of Email Marketing

Category: General Published on Jan 07

Is overuse of email marketing killing the concept?

Many of us get bombarded with emails from list we signed up for, and many that we have no idea of how we started getting them, throughout the day. We get emails from vendors, sales people, our favorite stores, our social media, our doctors, dentists, consultants and whoever else seems to want to ad us to their list or that for a moment we had a lapse of judgment and signed up for. Do we really respond to these anymore or are emails just automatically deleted by people?

Let’s get back to reality for a second and think about you as a business owner. You want to start your email marketing but there are questions going on in your head and you need answers. Everywhere you look and whoever you talk to, the opinions seem to be across the board. From start email marketing now, to why waste your time since nobody reads those types of emails anyway. So you do what most people do, nothing, you wait because you don’t want to waste your time and when we are uncertain the tendency is to err on the side of whichever is less work.

Here is all we have to say, if you have not started building your email list then you are way behind already and you should start as soon as you are done reading this. In fact, sign up for an email marketing software right now and then come back and finish this article. That is how important having an email marketing campaign really is. Nothing you do has a higher ROI than email marketing, the numbers it can trigger are only rivaled by response rates from direct mail (not ROI but Response).

Getting started is the hardest part, but you have to get past that and get started anyway. Start building your email marketing list with that one subscriber, get in the habit of sending out bi-weekly, monthly or weekly emails. That is how you will see your list grow. Also, make sure you are not adding everyone you know or anyone that has ever talked to you on that list. The more people actually opt-in to your list, the better your time is spent (plus it’s also legal then). Do some homework on how to build a list with opt-in users, what the can-spam act includes, then focus on building the list. Build it with people that are genuinely interested in what you do and you will start seeing a return like you wouldn’t believe.

If you are not sure on how to get started, you can take a look at companies like, or many of the other email marketing companies out there. The cost to get started is minimal, but make sure that whichever one you pick that your list can be exported from that software. Once you get more involved you may find out that the software you chose, is not the right one moving forward.