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SEO That Makes Sense

Category: Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click Published on Jan 13

How about an SEO Campaign that makes sense?

Quite frequently we have small business owners, and often entrepreneurs that come to us for SEO work. As much as we love doing this work and have had great success with it, there is the occasional person’s heart we have to break during the initial SEO meetings. Here is how you can make sure yours won’t, at least if you want to make sure you are not wasting money.

Search engine optimization is as real of a marketing tool as anything else. In fact it is become one of the most widely sought after marketing tools for small businesses. In a recent study it shows that small business owners will spend about 63% of their total marketing budget on website development and search engine optimization alone! But what do you need to be aware of when shopping around for these services? Here are some tips for you to use when interviewing someone who says they can do both really well.

    1. 1) Is it the same person that both?

What we mean by this is that website design and search engine optimization are two very different animals. If you are really good at one, then chances are you are not so good at the other. Think of it this way, your master plumber may be able to so some carpentry work, but chances are he is not a master carpenter as well. So make sure that whoever you are working with has a master plumber and master carpenter on staff or be willing to accept that one of the things you need will be average at best.

    1. 2) Are they realistic about ranking results?

As much as business owners want to hear that they will be number 1 for all these different search terms, the reality is that most companies are fighting for the same words. This means that you not only have to get your page ranked, you have to do more than everyone else fighting for the same word. Single keyword combinations are practically impossible to for anymore because of the giants you are competing with. So if your SEO company tell you they can get you ranked for the word furniture, sit back in that chair and ask for an explanation. Chances are you are either being duped, or there is a clause that comes with it that you are not going to like!

  1. 3) Search Engine Placement

There are still a handful of companies that use this term, if you see it you need to follow these additional steps. 1. Pick up your stuff. 2. Turn around. 3. RUN!!!!!! The reason is simple, this is a term that was invented only recently as an excuse to have your business name fund someone else’s SEO and PPC efforts. Basically they are making a promise that your business name and contact information will be found, not your actual website! So if you stop paying, you are completely removed and all the money you spent on this is gone…. That’s right it’s gone and you have nothing to show for it! Work with a company that is looking to improve your website directly, not get your name and contact information on a website you do not own displayed.

  1. 4) Understand your market

The reality is that most small business owners operate within certain geographical limitations. Think about it this way, if a landscaper was to mow a lawns during the summer and stay price competitive the math is simple. Number of hours you have to pay someone, number of lawns you can do in a day = Profit/Loss. If the area he services is too large he will not be able to do as much work because of all the travel time. For most of business owners this holds true, the larger our service area the more travel time is needed and the less profits we see.  Know exactly what your prime service area is and where you would like most of your work concentrated. This will allow you to not only create a better marketing plan, but also create a better online marketing strategy and targeted search engine optimization efforts. If the company you are interviewing tries to convince you to do an area that is larger than what you want, it means they either do not understand your business or are looking for a way for you to spend more. Either way, listen carefully to what is being said and sold, because you need to understand what it is you are really buying!

Good luck on finding the right marketing partner, as mobile devices, tablets and other electronic devices grow you are going to have to make sure you are up to speed on these things. The sooner you can start on making your website up to par and get on board the SEO train, the better results you will have in the future. Just make sure you pick the right partner for this task, because the future of your business may depend on it!