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Just use clipart as your logo, you will be fine!

Category: Graphic Design and Branding Published on Jan 04

Countless times we have heard this from business owners, consultants and various startups. Focus on getting the name right, make sure it explains what you do, who you are and what you offer people don´t worry about a logo right now. That is the common theme we hear and couldn´t be farther from the truth. In reality your name is almost irrelevant compared to your logo. Make sure you get it right!

Think about it this way, you met someone at a networking event that you know you have seen before. The person walks out of sight and your partner comes up to you. Normally this would be quite annoying, you remember the face but not the name, so you start describing this person to your partner in hopes they will remember the name. So you start by describing how they look, and might follow it up with either where you saw them before or if you have talked to them, say something like, you know that funny guy we met. What you have just done, is exactly what people do, they remember sizes, shapes and color before they remember the name of something. So in reality, which one do you think people remember better, your name or your shape, size and color or as we like to call it, your logo.

Don´t get us wrong, the name is very important. The key is getting a right balance between your name and logo. Think of it this way, if a business name is the equivalent to a persons name, then the logo is the look and feel of it, with your slogan topping off your personality. If you do all three things correctly this will reflect the internal workings of you business, it will align with your mission and vision. You know have what we call a base brand, the goal from this point is to create a brand consistency and brand strength. Getting all of these things right is the key to growing your business and to building your brand. Once you have started building your brand you have not only increased the value of your business but you have also started building something very important, brand equity.

Not sure you are buying this? That is ok, you really don´t have to at this point. What you should think about is the fact that it is already proven that people remember shapes, colors and then names. There have been several studies done on this, so none of this is based on guess work, this is all based on science and how your brain works. If you are ever in doubt if your logo is right for you, then simply have a professional review it. A good consultant will take the time to learn about your business, your vision and your goals and your name, then design a logo based on that.