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Is your Pay per Click marketing a budget vampire?

Category: Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click Published on Mar 21

No we are not asking if Pay per click campaigns suck, but rather if you think they will drain your budget like a vampire would drain your blood. The truth is that pay per click campaigns, can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It all depends on how you have it setup and what you need as far as a return to make it worthwhile. Here is some more info on how this all works.

As big fans of PPC or Pay per click campaigns, it is something we recommend for about 90% of all our clients. For the other 10% it is either getting so competitive or it simply isn´t a fit with how they do business. But for the vast majority of businesses, Pay per click campaigns are something they should seriously look into.

So how does it work? What exactly is a PPC or Pay per click campaign? In theory it is really simple, a publisher (someone like Facebook, Google or Yahoo) allows you as the advertiser to create ads that these publishers then display on their websites, and often partner websites. Every time someone then clicks on your advertisement, you get charged for that click or visit to your website. How much traffic you get will then depend on how much you are willing to pay for each of these clicks, the higher your budget the more willing the publishers are to show your advertisement. In theory this is really simple and should be straight forward.

In essence setting up a PPC or Pay per click campaign is easy, you simply select your keywords, writer your ads and then set your daily or monthly budget. Your ads are then shown and you get a bill at the end of the month. You then compare what you spent on your Pay per click campaign with what businesses it brought in. If the net profit is enough to cover the cost of the campaign, then in theory you have run a successful campaign. But as we all know, things are never quite this simple.

If a Pay per click campaign is setup the wrong way it will drain your budget really quickly leaving you with no return. You will sit there and watch your money simply disappear. If on the other hand it is setup properly, you can see a very high return on your marketing dollars. Setting up a pay per click campaign to be effective is a science all to itself. It is about understanding what keywords to go after, how to structure your bidding and when to display your ads. When all of these things come together just right, you are running a fully optimized and profitable campaign. So if you have ever gotten burnt in the past by setting up your own, then maybe you should think about getting some help. There are far worse places you could be spending your marketing dollars. Just keep in mind, it is rarely the tool that isn´t getting the job done, it is always the person wielding it.

We have seen great results for specific industries with Pay per click campaigns and we have seen some industries where it is barely worth it. The bottom line is, a professional should be able to give you honest feedback on your industry and a Pay per click campaign is something you should consider. They should be able to help you understand what kind of budget, keywords and return you should be expecting based on your industry. There are several publishers that offer pay per click on their networks, make sure you pick the right one for you and your industry. Remember that pay per click campaigns are one of the very few marketing tools out there, where you only pay if someone actually takes an action based on your advertisement!