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Everything You Need To Know About Modern Marketing

Category: General Published on Sep 15

Nothing has changed with marketing.

For some reason there is this misconception out there that marketing in a modern environment has changed. The reality is that it really has not, what has changed is the frequency in which you can get in front of consumers and the media available. Other than that… things are exactly the same as they have always been.

The reason things haven’t changed is because people really haven’t changed much either. Sure we have more technology, easier access to information and we have maybe gotten a little spoiled with how easy things can be. Yet how we make purchases, the reason why we make purchases hasn’t changed. The same types of people buy the same types of things for the same reasons.

So what do you need to know in order to be able to successfully market your product or business? Let’s look at a few basic things that should help get you going, or possibly change what you are doing now.

  1. 1) Visibility

    This is still the core things when it comes to marketing. If nobody know you exist, then they can’t do business with you. This means you have to find ways to get your name or your product in front of people. Keep in mind that with the overload of information today, chances are they won’t even notice you till the 7th time they see something about the company or product.

  2. 2) Understand free is an illusion

    There is no such thing as free marketing, it’s all an illusion. All marketing requires one of two things, money or time, neither of which are free. You may however have more of one than the other. This comes down to evaluating which you have more off and how these resources are best used. Are you better off spending your time on marketing, sales, administrative work or building your product. This is something we can’t answer for you, it is something you have to evaluate.

  1. 3) Your brand and messaging matters

  2. If you ever think that your brand and your message do not matter then think again. How your company or product is perceived has everything to do with who buys it, what they are willing to spend and if they will even give you a chance. Just remember there is a right market and a right brand strategy for every market. They key is understanding how to place your product to be perceived right by the correct audience. This is why some car companies can use dancing hamsters and others cannot, it all comes down to perception and messaging.

  3. 4) The transaction process

  4. The marketing process hasn’t changed, remember marketing is not actually about making a sale it is about the opportunity to make a sale. There is a tendency today to think sales is a bad word, so a confusion has been created to have people think that sales and marketing are the same thing. Sales is about getting someone to give up something they have for something you have, marketing is creating the opportunity. Do not mix up your marketing and sales process.

  5. 5) Opportunistic / Realistic

    Many companies are working on a budget when it comes to their marketing, so do not be afraid to think outside the box and be opportunistic when it comes to your marketing. There are several opportunities that roll around that could be great ways to promote your business and or product that people overlook. Also remember that there is a cost to doing most things, as long as you are realistic about what you may need to spend and where to spend it you will most likely see your money well spent.

    Look at how larger companies place themselves, what colors they use, where they advertise and what their message is. This will give you a very good indicator of who their clientele is, rather than re-inventing the wheel, work within the information and utilize the money they spent to place yourself in that same marketplace. Larger companies spend millions of dollars not just on advertising but also on research to figure out exactly what triggers their audience to make a purchase decision. You can tap into that research by simply taking a look at what they do, then tailor that to your service or product. Just remember most people buy either from or buy a brand. You have to make sure you create that through all the marketing you do, without compromise!