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Did You Think Through Your Logo?

Category: Graphic Design and Branding Published on Jan 27

Did you think your logo through, before you started using it?

It seems to be harder and harder for small businesses to justify spending money on graphic design. Many are turning to using freelancers, bid sites and who knows what else to try and get the best deal they can on their new logo design. Rarely people stop and ask why it is something you might want to spend a little money on. Here is an example as to why you might want to pay a little more to get a professional to do it, rather than just a freelancer. 

When you work with people that understand how logos are used, rather than just designing something that is cool, the style, shape and color use is very different. Unfortunately many designers do not quite understand the wide use of a logo and the costs involved with using it. This is especially true for younger designers that believe that the logo will be most widely used online. While it is true that is will be used online quite a bit, chances are that it will also be the least costly use.

Here are some sample uses and why you need to think them through.

  1. 1) In print

Most logos will be printed at some point in time, so you need to understand how colors relate from screen to print. Just because it’s a beautiful red on your screen does not mean it will be the same red when printed. This is something we see more than anything else and spend the most time explaining to people. Just because it looked great on your phone and from your home printer, does not translate to commercial print equipment making it look the same way. Every monitor looks different and every printer prints in a slightly different color. If you logo is not designed to print properly it will never look the way it should on print.

  1. 2) Scales / Ratios

  2. Your logo may look great the way it was designed in a scale of 1:1 or 1:4. The question is how will a logo that is designed as a 1:1 look when you have to submit it or use it in a 1:4, or vice versa? The answer is tiny, very tiny in fact since you will only be able to use a small portion of the space you have been allocated. This is why, when you design a logo you have to think of at least 2 to 3 different ways it can be presented. In order to get the most out of your logo and the use of space you get, this is a key factor.

  3. 3) Specialty Items

This includes things like embroidery, promotional products, signs and even vehicle graphics. Most of these items do require a vector file in order to be properly printed, 90% of the time when we deal with companies this is a format they did not receive from their freelancer, when it is in fact the most important format because it can be used for everything. In addition many of these items charge you extra per color you need printed, which means when you are starting out in business, having these items made will cost your fortune. So make sure that your logo does not go crazy on color (it also makes item 1 a larger problem).

So if you ever find yourself wondering why the professionals charge more than freelancers for their work, besides the fact they have overhead and a place you can come meet with them. The answer is simple, it’s our job to know more and understand more than a single freelancer does. It is our job to think of every scenario and use. It’s our job to make sure you have all the file formats you need as your business grows and to think of these things for you rather than expect you to know what to ask for.