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$3000 for a website, are you kidding me?

Category: Website Design & Development Published on Jan 19

Most business owners and startups have gotten quotes from both website designers and marketing companies that range in the thousands of dollars. These companies have often also looked at do-it-yourself solutions and solutions that are templated in order to save money. But is $3000, $5000 or $20.000 for a website really worth it?

Having reviewed thousands of websites and being involved in setting up hundreds of them, my answer to the above question is not as simple as black or white. What I can tell you is that investing in your website is something that you will always see a great return on. Having said that that of I of course assume that you website is setup the right way with the right key factors in place for your business. If those things are not in place or not even thought of, no matter how much or how little you invest you might as well throw your money away as invest them it in website that is not setup right.  

The number one thing that I have found while reviewing all of these websites is that most of them are not getting the business they could be. The most common reasons are that the design is not good enough, the navigation isn´t setup the right way and some other minor things that all add up. The reason for this is usually lack of knowledge and understanding on behalf of whoever set the website up. Many website designers and website design firms can setup cheap websites that look decent but unfortunately do not perform the way a website should. Now I understand that there are many businesses that cannot afford to spend a few thousand dollars on setting up a website, simply because they do not have the budget to do so, but I also understand what the cost of setting up a website the wrong way can end up costing the business.  

Let me explain this in a little more detail so you understand what I am talking about. Not too long ago we redesigned a website for a client. We not only re-did the website but re-did the functionality and navigation of the website. Before we got involved they were doing an average of 6 leads a month and about $40.000 in sales, but they thought it could be doing more. The current site had been done in house for the most part but a website designer had been called in to help with some of the setup, so they had “consulted” with what they thought was a professional when it came to their website. After reviewing their business, what they were looking to do and what their clientele was we got cracking on their website and it was launched about 8 weeks later. After about 6 months of the website being up and being tested we did a follow up to see what kind of results the new website had brought with it.  

The numbers were a little shocking, even to us. The website was now generating about 8 leads every day and they were getting order for over $50,000 a week from new clients directly through the website. As part of the redesign we suggested that they offered current retailers to purchase online, many retailers had transitioned into doing more of their orders online which had resulted in one full time person being able to focus on getting new retailers. To top it all off they also reported to us that the retailers were now placing larger orders than what they had done before.  

This business was a perfect example of a website being worth the investment, not only because of how they were able to utilize it to have current clients order more. What was really important in this case is how much business they were losing before the re-design. The amount of new traffic to the site had not increased all that much, they were simply converting more of these new visitors into clients.  

The bottom line is that this company was faced with what so many businesses are faced with today, the website is not performing on a level it should be, and investing in a new website has been one of the best return on investments they have done for any marketing tool they have at their disposal.  If you are a business owner you should perhaps be asking yourself, how much business could I be loosing because of my website not being setup right, rather than how much will my new website cost and who can give it to me the cheapest?