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1 in 10 odds, what would you risk with those?

Category: General Published on Jan 06

Entrepreneurs are one of a kind people. They take bad odds knowing that they are against them because they are optimists, dreamers and often want to change the world. If not the entire world, then at least the part of it they know and relate with. They often start businesses knowing that chances are it will fail, at least statistically. 

When you start a business you are armed to the teeth with optimism, enthusiasm and dreams. Often forgetting little things like a business plan or financing, but that is completely beside the point. You have an idea, you get the ball rolling and you go out to conquer the world. After a little while reality seems to settle in, making money is not as easy as you thought. Making the business function takes more time, unlimited hours and before long you are wishing the week had eight days. You start making sacrifices, thinking about what you can really live on. The questions start coming, should I really be doing this? Is this going to be worth it?


Every entrepreneur will hit that point during a startup, where they question what they are doing or why they started. All of them get tempted to deviate from what their core focus is because the money isn’t coming in fast enough, the business isn’t growing quickly enough or they are simply running out of patience. This is part of the reason so many fail, because they lose focus on what it is they do really well. Normally what they need to do is start finding help in the areas they need it and focus more on the part of the business they are good at. Be it the sales, service, presentations or operations. Entrepreneurs are unique in the way that they have to understand everything within their business, but they often forget to bring in the right people to help them with specific things.


As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you always have to remember what your strengths are, where your weaknesses lie and then get the right people around you. Hiring the right person to do your books, to help you with your design or marketing, a business coach to help you stay on track. Whatever it is you need, make sure you surround yourself with people that understand where you are and where you want to go. Every small business has the potential to succeed, it’s always the same recipe, the difference is, and every small business owner has a different role within the business as it grows. So where is your focus?  


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