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SEO Packages

The United States Postal Service is not the only organization that can offer a flat rate package deal, so can we! If it fits, it ships. If it fits (your business), it kicks (results)!!!

SEO is a complicated time consuming venture, but for most that choose to venture into it, it is well worthwhile. Despite the buffer effect of SEO and delayed ROI we find that almost anyone will benefit from doing it the right way. Extremely targeted keyword with a laser-like honing system is the best ways to have your website deliver the results your business needs. Partner your SEO with a PPC campaign and you may have just solved all your marketing needs in one swoop!

The Localist
This package is ideal for businesses in rural areas with the population under 100,000. It is designed to make you dominate your hometown with your key phrases and services. If you are a landscaper, HVAC company, attorney or plumber, this is the right solution for you. If staying local is where your business is most profitable, this package will help you generate more revenue. The idea is more local searches lead to more local business!

The Regionalist
This package is for those businesses with a larger service area or located within a city. Your primary services are optimized for a few local towns or major city which is what the ROI doctor prescribes. Dominate your area by using key words related to your key services with this package. Businesses that operate in a slightly larger radius, beyond hometowns, will love this deal.

The Nationalist
You may be a nationalist at heart and if your business is as well, this is the package for you. It does not matter if your business is located in a barn behind the farm on Cowpath Road or on Fifth Avenue, people will find the virtual you! Getting your business noticed on the world’s busiest shopping street is what this SEO package is designed to do! Targeted keywords, number one ranking and a great ROI are what The Nationalist is all about. Ready for more phone calls and emails from areas and zip codes you do not yet recognize? This is the clear choice for you!

Note: Due to the delay in SEO marketing results, we do require a minimum of 6 months commitment for any of the above packages. Since we do not control how quickly search engines update their indexing, we cannot speed up the process. We simply work within it’s parameters to deliver the type of results your business needs for growth. We only deliver results, no fluff, no fake guarantees and no ineffective keywords!