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Design and Branding

Branding is everything about your business that a user has the chance to experience, directly or indirectly. Design is the visual representation of that experience and internal workings of the company. Many are confused between the differences of branding and design so we have branding seminars every few weeks. We recommend attending if you have the chance!

As part of our process, our goal is to understand who you are as a business and brand. By asking critical questions we are able to creatively match your business, design and branding with your target audience. Every business has its unique qualities, history and experiences to share with its customers and properly conveying them is key. Plus, your marketing and collateral material must reflect your branding and match the internal working of your business.

Our process is easy! To get started we conduct an initial client interview, ask a series of questions and extract information that allows us to create designs specifically tailored to your business and your customers. Simply put, we create designs that deliver impact because we are thorough and do our homework up-front! We go as far as having several designers on our team which grants us the flexibility to match our client’s brand and taste with our designer’s style, personality and flair.

Our creative designs of a tailored logo, a business card, flyer or postcard will fit your brand, business and marketing goals! Call us today 215-703-3265 to learn more about how we can help you set your brand on the track to success!