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About us

RedKnight Marketing was founded in 2005, with one sole objective…to give small business owners the tools to create and build their brand without paying “boutique” prices. In order to achieve this goal, we developed our very own unique, fixed pricing and transparency models. No surprises. No gimmicks. No guessing. This not only gives small business owners predictability, but also the ability to focus on building a strong business foundation, brand and growth plan.

RedKnight Marketing has expanded from its primary focus of website development and graphic design to providing Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, social media marketing, copywriting and custom online software development. We ask our clients to take advantage of our years of experience, knowledge and success stories. After working with hundreds of small businesses, we have developed-strategies that work and get results. Fixed strategies, fixed pricing and fixed (successful) outcomes. Now that is Strategic Marketing, Simplified.

Our team’s philosophy:
We believe that you should be treated like our #1 customer.
We believe that entrepreneurs are the foundation of ingenuity and growth.
We believe that every company has unlimited potential.
We believe that small businesses should have the same marketing opportunities as larger companies.
We believe you should be in control of your website and marketing.
We believe every business has the chance to grow given the right tools.
We believe that marketing tools should be easy to use.